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Electrical Installation Condition Reports

We have been keeping busy carrying out Electrical Installation Condition Reports, [E.I.C.R] for the private landlord sector. This has been in conjunction with Woking Borough Council as well as private landlords. The government has made it a statutory requirement that an E.I.C.R first inspection and testing is carried out— 

(i)                  before the tenancy commences in relation to a new specified tenancy; or

(ii)                by 1st April 2021 in relation to an existing specified tenancy.

Any properties with an existing consumer unit [fuse box] looking like this, will likely be in for an update to comply with current standards.

Give us a call and let the professionals give you the advice and guidance required.

Amendment 3 to the 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations

The biggest thing in the news for electrical contractors and indeed anyone carrying out electrical work is the launch and implementation of The Third amendment to BS 7671:2008, The IET Wiring Regulations.

From the 1st of July 2015 it is a requirement that ‘all electrical installations designed and periodically inspected comply with the updated regulations

Now this may not be an earth moving moment for a lot of people however if you are undertaking any works yourself or having electrical works carried out by ANYBODY, make sure it complies with the latest rulings.

The most noticeable part of the new regulations to householders is to be the implementation on January 1st 2016 of Regulation 421.1.201 (PROTECTION AGAINST FIRE CAUSED BY ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT)

In domestic installations the consumer unit [Fuse Box] is to be manufactured from or enclosed within a cabinet constructed of non-combustible material. In most cases this means your fuse box, if replaced, will be made from metal.

Say goodbye to cheap plastic options from the DIY shops.

Product recall checker

We have added a product recall checker widget to the website (see bottom right) which will automatically update with the most recent recalls. When you click on the products listed you will then be directed to the appropriate records on the Electrical Safety Council’s website.

According to the Electrical Safety Council

More than 4 million electrical appliances have been recalled by manufacturers in the past four years, for faults that include a risk of fire or electric shock , and yet the majority may still be in UK homes.

Since the start of 2011, there have been 228 recall notices for electrical products, including seven types of fridges, four washing machines and seven hairdryers. However, only 10-20% of recalled products are ever returned or repaired.

Around half of all accidental domestic fires in the UK are caused by electricity, with the vast majority of these attributed to electrical appliances. Electrical appliances are the third most frequently notified product group when it comes to recalls.

The need to improve consumer awareness of, and response to, recalls is something of which we are all very much aware. Research carried out by Electrical Safety First has indicated that two million adults have consciously ignored a recall notice for an electrical item. Many people associate recalls with ‘annoying faults’ rather than safety. They are not aware of the risks of continuing to use a recalled product. They think that responding to a notice and returning a product will be too much hassle. And if it’s a luxury item, like a television or beauty product, they are not prepared to do without it.

Guildford College Project

We have just completed the electrical installation condition report for the heart of Guildford colleges, Stoke Park Campus. Quite a challenge in a building whose installation dates back to the sixties with additions and alterations being carried out almost every year since. Dedication and an eye for detail have allowed us to furnish the college with a comprehensive report that actually makes sense to the site staff.
Well done to all the team team involved.


guildford-college-img1 guildford-college-img2


Examples of electrical hazards found on site

Christmas Lighting Advice

Keeping busy at the moment lighting up the dark evenings.


With Christmas on its way we would like to remind everyone to check their decorative lights for loose wires and breakages before putting them up AND ALWAYS CONNECT VIA AN RCD DEVICE WHEN OUTDOORS. Switch them off and unplug before going to bed.